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Pergola Plans and Pergola Designs

We create our pergola plans and pergola designs for both professional builders as well as DIY Builders. When you are looking for pergola ideas get ready to be astonished! Weekend warriors love our pergola plans because of the challenging details that make it look like a professional builder did the project for them. Our “DIY Instructions” come with free support by email while you build, so if you get stuck, you can ask advice free of charge!

Professional Builders and Landscape Designers use our pergola plans because our pergola designs make them look good! Our pergola plans and designs have been featured in magazines from coast to coast. We have hundreds of different styles of pergola designs to choose from and if you want a specially designed pergola plan we can create them for you. Landscape designers use our pergola plans rather than reinventing the wheel. Much easier to utilize our designs, than to start from scratch.

Many of our pergola designs are suitable for engineering locally. They aren’t just pretty–they are functional as well. Let us create pergola designs that will make your clients oooh and ahhh!

Pergola Plans and Ideas

When it comes to pergola ideas, we have plenty. Please scroll through this gallery and click the images to see more photos and pergola ideas we have created in the last 30 years. There are hundreds of ways to create shade and privacy in the yard, and building a pergola is just one of them.  Our pergola designs come with free support by email while you build. We will try to answer as many common questions about them below in FAQ.

Pergola plans and ideas are diverse indeed. Our Pergola designs are different in that we didn’t find our designs in books–we developed them over 30 years. We take our plans seriously, and we are always coming up with new designs for pergolas.

Connecting to the home can make it an extension of the home. Working in privacy screens or a fireplace can look beautiful. Pergola ideas can take inspiration from anything really. Look at famous landmarks and imagine emulating the comparative size and shape, (scaled down version), in your own yard. Add things that you like. Found objects like signs or statuary. Make it your own space!

About our Pergola Plans

Our pergola plans came about 20 years ago when a lady living in British Columbia sent us an email asking for pergola plans or instructions. We helped her out and supplied her with the same pergola designs we used to create the structure in the first place. 20 years later, some of our pergola plans are available through Lee Valley Tools and we have likely sold about 20,000 plans.

We also created some 3D Pergola Plans for the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association which are available through their website.  If you are looking for free pergola plans, drop by there.

Basically, if details are available you will see a price besides the description.

Here are a few Pergola Ideas;

  1.  Tie in the color of the structure to the trim color of the home. It is always a good idea to make them work together. Even if the style is slightly different, keeping the color similar will help it look right.
  2.  Give it some trim! Add some crown, some decorative cuts. Even better if the home has some interesting profiles use the same ones, even if you are drawing from the interior of the home.
  3.  Add lighting! Low voltage lighting is affordable these days and the controller can be programmed to stay on a certain amount of time after dusk.
  4.  It is always a good idea to check structure setbacks. If you are going to impose into the side yard setback, speak to your neighbors to make sure they are ok with it.
  5.  Add privacy screens and train some vines up. Add a planting pocket beneath with 18″ of soil to let the vines train up on top of your pergolas.
  6.  I have always like the idea of adding a transparent roof to pergolas. There are numerous suitable products available ranging from plastic to glass.

Where do all these Pergola Designs come from?

Our pergola designs are all our own. Some may look familiar because so many people have used our pergola designs that there are likely some in your neighborhood! These designs all came from the mind of our Founder, Lawrence Winterburn. He even built about 75% of the structures in this gallery. He designed about 98% of them. Over 30 years of experimentation and commissions from clients led to this very deep portfolio of Pergola Designs. Some of our pergola designs come from online requests. People send us photos and ask for advice. Quite often we suggest that we create a design for them. We prompt them for some measurements, and in a few days, they are looking at design concepts. We can supply complete construction drawings or just concepts with a few dimensions if you like. Get in touch if you would like to talk about having us design something beautiful for you!

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