trellis plans fence design

Wood fences are an art. Anyone can scab a few boards together and call it a fence, but, how many still exist after a few years of wind stress and moisture infiltration. Building a wooden fence that lasts 20 years or more is a special skill. What complicates fence construction is that many books are written by “Writers”, that may be handymen. They rarely speak to builders, and, nearly never speak to builders known for building fences that last 30 years or more. These insights rarely make it to publications. Here are a few of the fences we have built in the past 4 decades– most are still standing today.

Privacy Fences

Privacy fences are all about function, but, wouldn’t it be nice if they were also pleasing to the eye?  When you design or build a large fence, over 6′ high and exposed to the wind, every aspect has to be overbuilt. We often use larger posts that are mounted closer together for our privacy fence projects. For cedar privacy fences we typically seal the bottom 4.5′ to extend durability. We have built fences upto 15′ high that have stood for decades. 

Trelliswork Fences

Trelliswork fences are designed to offer privacy, break the wind and allow plants to be trained through the panels. These fences harken to the early 20th century where garden parties strived for a backdrop of man made and natural surroundings. The white trellis fences with flowering vines trained upwards was ideal. It was a time when art was more important. 

Wooden Gates

Wooden Gates are one of a collection of complicated things to construct. If you look around your neighborhood you will find failing wooden gates or gates that have been removed because they no longer operated. Gates, Stairs and Traditional Baluster Rails are where handymen fail, and, the pros take over.