About Us

A few words about

Our team

We are actually Carpenters. 

Experience matters. When you want inspired details executed to perfection our team produces long lasting outdoor woodwork in Barrie and Southern Ontario.

Who We Are

Our builders started as trim carpenters. It takes a special craftsman to produce beautiful structures that last decades. Our builders have put in the time to learn the secrets of building well outside. 

Lawrence is a woodwork expert and architectural designer. 

With over 30 years in the field and featured in dozens of publications over the years, he has created his own unique details for Decks, Pergolas, Cabanas and Outdoor woodwork of all descriptions. 

Many Architects, other Designers and even Engineers rely on his unique detailing for their projects. 

His photorealistic renderings are renowned in the business of design. 

He is available for design only, or overseeing the entire project.