pergola plans designs

Pergola Designs are a subject we know a little about. For about 30 years we have been trailblazing pergola development with an eye on making pergolas last longer and look better. Its not about slapping some trim on as if you are in a protected environment like inside a house. We should know– we started out as trim carpenters. Here are some custom pergola projects that we designed and built in the last 3 decades. We have splashed in a few pergolas that have been designed, but, not yet built.

Large Pergolas (Multiple Rooms)

Large Pergolas require bracing and a footprint that helps with lateral stability. You can make a large pergola look like an extension of a grand house by connecting to the exterior walls of the home.   


Small Pergolas (One Room)

Smaller Pergola Designs can offer shade and privacy on decks, patios or on existing concrete patios. Small pergolas work best when styled to fit the home. 


Retractable Canopy Pergolas / Louvered Roofs

There are many things that can be done utilizing Retractable Canopy Pergolas and Louvered Roofs. As long as you design the pergola in the right way, you can add the canopy or louvered roof later on.