The Laurel Arched Fence Design


There’s nothing quite like an arched lattice fence — It is a unique detail. This solid wood lamination can be made using the plans and a few clamps and high-quality adhesives included in the plans. We teach you how to set the posts accurately and in a way that frost and wind will not affect the fence. It should last 20 years +

All our plans come with free support by email. 

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Arched Top Fence Designs – Plans to Build an Arched Fence

This beautiful arched fence design was first built about 15 years ago and has held up well.  Always wanting to outdo ourselves, we have redesigned it slightly to assure it will hold up for 20-30 years. 

The bottom portion of the fence is fairly simple with posts set about 4′ apart. Just a standard fence design that way, but up top, that’s where the magic happens.  Solid wood laminations and supports tied back to the post add sturdiness. We walk you through making the laminated top rail and retainer trims as well. You can always have your local cabinetry shop do the curves for you if you are reticent to attempt those. 

Standard 4′ Sections and approx 7’6″ High as shown. (Adjustable downward 2′ shorter)