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Pergola Plans T005 Pro – Instructions to build a pergola any size!

These pergola plans will enable you to build any size structure using these details. The original project was a collaboration between GardenStructure.com and Elizabeth Tschopp Garden Design at a residence on Crescent Rd. Toronto. (Rosedale Neighborhood). She gave us sketched concepts, and we fed her details back. We work with many designers to this day and we really enjoy bringing their concepts to life and watching them age gracefully.

The mortise and tenon keyless entry gates still worked fine after 15 years. They mentioned that they did have to refinish them once. This whole project was too large to photograph in one picture. The project had roughly 70 posts and fills a 5000 sq’ yard with woodwork. The whole pergola structure was prefinished western red cedar and the natural stone is sourced from Owen Sound.

These designs were featured in Canadian Living, House and Home Magazine and Fine Gardening.

Pergola Designs for Creating Unique Structures

These pergola designs are adaptable details. You decide where each post goes, in a perpendicular way, then connect it all together using the details in the plan. Step the structure, connect to a wall, all the details are there. This is one of our best selling designs and we get very few support requests. Scroll through the images to see examples of what you can do with these plans.

The support posts can be connected to frost walls, buried posts or to masonry walls. The detailing on the posts draws the eye. The idea is to create a “Room without Walls”, so don’t get hung up if there happens to be a post within view of a window. The support posts are just part of the view. Let vines and foliage drape the structure.

Roofing Parts of the Pergola

In the past, we have used polycarbonate on top, or retractable canopy systems within pergolas. Covering a dining area, grill station or a reading nook is a wonderful idea.  When using polycarbonate (greenhouse materials), you can source tinted or coloured materials, which takes away from the fact that it is plastic. It will need a frame of some kind–Consult with your supplier for specifications. When it comes to retractable canopies as long as you follow the plans you should be ok to mount within. You simply need a box within which to mount your awning.

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