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Designers of Decks, Fences, Cabanas and Garden Woodwork

Those Dream Decks and Outdoor Living areas on TV?    That is what we do.

Our goal is to help people create inspired outdoor spaces!  For 30 years we have developed unique details for decks, fences, pergolas, cabanas and pool houses that result in a longer lifespan. Our designs and renderings look so real, most clients don’t realize that they are computer generated. Extreme creativity makes us a source of inspiration and details for Landscape Designers, Architects, and Builders.

We select specialist builders capable of bringing our designs to life efficiently to our level of quality. We are always looking for talented people.  As sports teams use talent scouts, you can use to source talented builders.

We Specialize— Many deck builders do not build fences and wish to specialize in only decks. Other builders prefer smaller projects like fences and pergolas. We let our builders choose the scope of their projects and help them connect with clients with like needs.

Our clients have learned the low bid lessons before and are not willing to gamble their investment in the hands of a builder that is working for cheap. They know that there is value in working with a professional deck builder.

If you are collecting bids from every deck builder that will visit, we are not your builders.

We value your time and work for people respect ours as well.

Curved Decks - Designers and Builders
Deck Designers – Builders of decks

Deck Designers

We design and build composite and PVC decks with features like kitchens, pergolas and patio covers. Our multi-level decks with dry areas below, glass and traditional railings, glass privacy screens and architecturally unique privacy structures come with a 5-year workmanship warranty. A long warranty results in worry-free value. We often design decks with screened rooms for built-in pools with hot tubs. Our design philosophy involves maximize usable space, paying attention to balance, and durability.  Inspired details should draw the eye from feature to feature within the yard. The outdoor living area should be an extension of the home. Ask us how to make your decks last longer with less maintenance.

Pergola Builders

Our pergolas are the most emulated in the world. Modern and proprietary construction methods give our structures a longer lifetime. These pergolas are created using a blend of new techniques and standard tools, with traditional craftsmanship thrown in. Knee braces to resist sway, drip edges to shed water and sealed posts or helical footings to prevent frost and moisture damage.  We have become known for our highly unique outdoor woodwork and vertical structures in the garden.

Tennis court fence in Western Red Cedar Lumber
A very large tennis court fence with architectural flair.

Inspired Fences fences are something special. We have developed new details resulting in our unique fences lasting longer. Our wood fences are known to last upwards of 20 years, and we have designed wood fences up to 15′ high that is now 25 years old. Our gallery is packed with many fence designs from simple to elaborate. Trellis fences, privacy fences, good neighbor fences, we have created our own versions of all styles of fencing.

Pool Cabana near Toronto ON
A Pool House / Cabana near Toronto ON


Cabanas and Pool Houses

We design and build elaborate cabanas, pavilions, and pool houses. Cabanas are typically smaller shed like structures with a modest budget. They often have a bar, fridge and serving counters and sometimes roll up windows. Sometimes they have a change room and washroom and maybe even a shower.  Pavilions create a covered seating/dining area and often feature a full kitchen within. A pool house can have it all– bar, kitchen, den with fireplace and TV, dining room, change rooms and even a 5 piece bath. Only your imagination limits what we can create in your yard.

Whether you desire an architectural shade structure with minimalist detailing or louvered roofs with curtains, we are the source for detailing that rivals that of the best-known architects. We are an Arcadia Louvered Roof Dealer.

Deck Designs and Concepts
A rendering for a lumber yard show deck north of Toronto

Design Services

Our exterior designers fill the void between Architects and Landscape Architects. We have Landscape Design Partners, that can do landscape layouts and planting plans as well. Few Architects would claim decks and pavilions a specialty.  Some Landscape Architects design decks but few claim to do it well often resulting in lackluster results. Our deck and pergola designs have been featured on TV, in Magazines, and in Newspapers over the years. We design fabulously detailed decks and outdoor structures.

People connect with us when they want a Magazine Quality Deck, Pergola or Pool House, a Feature Garden with Wood Trellis features or Fences that add curb appeal.

Architects will tell you that their job ends at the back door. Interior Designers will often tell you the same therefore, it is just not their forte.  Landscape Designers only get 2 or 3 weeks training to design decks and pergolas consequently the results are simplistic. We are “Exterior Designers” and Outdoor Structures is what we do best!

In our service areas we will visit you in your home, measure, take photos and speak with you about your tastes, listen to your desires, requirements and your budget, and often sketch something right on the spot. We design concepts to your budget range and can supply working drawings for obtaining permits and if you want photorealistic renderings, we do the finest deck and structure renderings you will find.

Large double post pergola available as DIY plan or have us build.
Pergola Plans and Designs

Stock and DIY Plans

We built our reputation on DIY Pergola plans. We are also converting our plans to a 3D format that, as a result, will be easier to visualize and build.

Pro versions are just the working drawings with a scalable template if required. The DIY plans include Step by Step with Material Lists.  Designers and architects to specify the details, without having to guess at the structure or dimensions. It’s just part of our culture of sharing.

If you need plans, designs or instructional materials please get in touch. The “Western Red Cedar Lumber Association“, and “Lee Valley Tools”  have been utilizing our plan products for over a decade now.