A Garden Design in Nobleton 3D Photorealism

entrance pergola

This Garden Design in Nobleton Ontario was a bit of a challenge. Normally we get contacted before the hardscape goes in, but, in this case, the patio was already there. Our clients had a big list of structures and features they wanted to include. A main pergola with a retractable roof and drop-down screens on the existing patio, a triangular pergola, and an entrance gate/pergola. 

The space is fairly buggy; they wanted a space where they could spend time bug-free. 

garden design overall view 3d Photorealistic
3D photorealistic garden design structures with light
photorealistic privacy screen rendering 3d
Photorealistic privacy screen with lights 3D rendering
entrance pergola
Pergola Design in 3D
photorealistic garden design feature pergola 3d
pergola design garden 3D photorealistic
Outdoor kitchen garden design 3d rendering


Stay tuned for the final shots of this installation– It is being photographed in May.