Is 2022 the Best Time to Build Pergolas and Cabanas?

View of outdoor kitchen with pergola

What to expect…

I think it might be the best time to plan Outdoor Structures

Plenty of factors go into deciding when building pergolas and cabanas makes sense. Consider why you need a pergola or cabana. Shade, Privacy, Shelter, or are there other reasons? Sometimes a designer can help you come up with solutions you may not have considered. 

Last year we started working a little differently than in years past. Materials have been going up pretty consistently, and for 2022 we expect more of the same. Just securing the materials to build your project is still a nightmare. The wood is available, but, still at much higher prices than a year ago. Our pergolas and cabanas are heavy in western red cedar. Since many deck builders used up the red cedar because it was comparably cheap when pressure-treated lumber spiked, the western red cedar now available is at a premium. So, yes, it can be done, but, prices have gone up a little. 

Sourcing PVC materials to build pergolas and trim for cabanas is achievable, but, it takes time. It takes 2 months or more to put together a PVC Pergola package presently.

We can offer guaranteed budgets, however, the materials need to be secured when you sign the agreement. We can store it in the yard, or, if you have space in your garage, we can store it on-site. 

A Cabana Design in Aurora- Building Fine quality Cabanas in Ontario

Will Pergola and Cabana Prices go up in 2022?

Pergolas are typically made of western red cedar or PVC, and obviously, Cabanas are typically wood construction. Lumber prices dropped about 20% from the highs we saw last summer in Ontario, however, they are moving back up. The flooding in BC will not help the lumber situation for spring. Fuel costs and transportation issues are also sending prices skyward. 

We expect that the labor shortage should be eased by mid-2022–so that may help production a little. It was hard to find skilled builders that were available to build our pergolas and cabanas last year. 

Designing and Booking your project this fall and winter may save you up to 20% over what we expect prices to be next spring. 


When can you build my Cabana?

Cabanas need building department approval–so, you have to factor in 2-3 weeks of design time, then, a month or 3 for the building department to chew on it a while. Though they are supposed to turn permits around in a week, somehow they seem to stretch that into months in certain areas. Barrie can be as many as 9 months to get approvals. 

When it comes to Pergolas, permit plans are typically not required. We have a number of projects we will be building over the winter, but we are booking May 2022 presently. 

I hope this helps you understand the process of booking your spring project a little better. Yes, we have space for spring builds–Yes, booking early will save you money–And, waiting until spring will cost you more. 

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