A Magazine Quality Deck Design in Toronto

A deck design in Toronto with features galore. Small decks are often a challenge to design, but with blessings from our client, we were able to do it right! We have been deck designers in Toronto for 30 years. 

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The Bayview Deck Design


This stunning deck design in Toronto graced the pages of Canadian House and Home and Canadian Gardening. The homeowners told us that for a year or two after it was built, cars would stop on the road and people would take photos of the privacy screen standing on the door sill in their cars. 

Sometimes a deck designer gets lucky enough that the stars align just right. 

This started as a deck that the customer had started on his own, and never finished. It sat for about 3 years with the frame up but no decking. The gorgeous mansard-roofed home near Lorne Park in Toronto really deserved something special, and the clients were willing to put a little more in for an inspired look. 

After a couple of concept drawings, this is what we came up with for the deck design. 2 skirting (Sides of the deck), a cool curved custom privacy screen, (which is actually laminated solid wood), full-width decking and custom glass rails. 

It all adds up to a highly decorative deck design with contrasting finishes. The custom privacy screen offers a variable privacy element. It allows light and views through some of it– and limited view where it counts. 

This plan is still in development– Coming soon in 3D. You can pre-order for delivery by email in Feb 2020. 

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