The Modesto Trelliage Plan – Professional Climbing Plants Trelliswork Plans by GardenStructure


This robust trellis fence creates a semitransparent barrier in a large yard. This adds interest and drama to your space. Grow aggressive climbing vines like Clematis without worrying about deterioration. Grow grapes or other fruit-bearing plants without worrying about collapse. This professional plan in the hands of a professional carpenter will enable the construction of a fence that will last decades. DIY enthusiasts should have good grasps of the basics of woodworking and fence building before attempting this project. 


A Strong and Durable Trellis Fence Plan–


The Modesto Trelliage Plan was designed for a client in California that wanted to add interest to his yard. The existing retaining wall cried out for a transparent barrier of some kind. He is eager to grow flowering vines up it to soften the look. This was fairly recent, so we should have photos of the finished product soon!

Building this fence will require installing fence posts, which is a difficult and challenging thing. Consider sub-contracting that out to a professional. Be sure to show him our fence post detail as well for better durability. 

The footings shown in the trellis fence plans are frost and windproof. 

As with all our plans, the Modesto trelliage plan comes with free support while you build. 

This fence plan specifies standard-sized sections and standard fence posts.  Each section is up to 8′ in width and roughly 6′ high. They can be adapted upto 8′ high and up to 10′ sections without too much trouble depending on wind loading.