A Privacy Screen in Collingwood Ontario

Not all fences are created equal — When you want them to look better and last longer, speak to GardenStructure.com

Privacy screens designed for clients in Collingwood

All privacy screens are not created equal. This trellis screen was designed and built for an artist in Collingwood Ontario. As a designer, being sought out by a well-known artist is quite an honor. 

Most of our privacy fences and screens are designed to fit the home. We love it when a project works out this well. Happy clients make the extra work worthwhile. 

This fence is made of western red cedar with upgraded cuts to make it resistant to cracks. We also take the time to seal things as we go. The parts are all prefinished before installation. Would you believe that cedar has to be sanded before adding the stain?  That’s right, this is finished with solid stain, not paint. Paint tends to come off in sheets– stain comes off more slowly in tiny flecks. 

When you want the most beautiful privacy screen on your block– Get in touch!