Deck Builders and Deck Designers in Toronto

What is a Deck Designer?

Deck Designers? I thought deck builders did that for free? 

Sometimes they do– but rarely do they do it well.

Unfortunately, they just don’t teach these skills in  design school in Toronto. Designing decks is more about creating a space that attracts people to offer you the best long term value. The other consideration is how it will be built. Is there any point in building a deck frame that will last 5 or 10 years, and putting materials on it that will last 40? That would be such a waste. Your average deck builder or local carpenter is doing just that. 

We also connect you with Awesome Local Builders and Oversee your deck being built! All our builders offer a 5 year workmanship warranty.


Toronto- The Most Valuable Real Estate in Canada

Why on earth would you put a poorly crafted and boring design on a very valuable home? 

I am sure you have seen those charts that suggest the value of home improvements. Kitchens, 90%. Decks 70%. Landscaping 65%. These fractions are all based on the average price of real estate across the US. When you get into an upscale marketplace, like Toronto, or New York, or Los Angeles those ratios go out the window. 

Whatever you build, it better be good. If you put a $10,000 deck on a Million dollar home, you just left money on the table. 

You could have multiplied your investment by having something inspired designed by a professional.  Potential buyers will enter your property and you know that they will fall in love with something beautiful. They will pay more for a home with a stunning deck and landscape. If what you build is seen to be lacking, it may detract greatly from the perceived value. 

I can give you numerous real life examples– Watch the blog for sample cases. 


Obtaining Deck Building Permits in Toronto

In Toronto and most of the GTA, obtaining permission to build decks is an onerous process. 20 years ago, it was sufficient to do a 2 page sketch on graph paper to outline what you are doing. The building department would draw the critical details for you if you missed them…or at least offer you a sample drawing. 

These days, to get a permit to build a deck in Toronto the basic plan is usually 3-5 pages. Then you need footing specifications if you are using helicals (as we do). If you want to use aluminum railings, or any custom wood railings, or a privacy screen, or a shade structure or roofed structure, they typically want engineered drawings. By the time you have all that put together it is often 30-50 pages. 

If you want to build anything at all unique– they want an engineer to sign off on it.  If you are interested in knowing why– watch for a future blog post. 

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