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Our Most Elaborate Pergola Plans

We built this large pergola, from our pergola plans P012. These plans were created for a home just north of the city. This pergola design was a tribute to a teacher’s recently passed husband. This pergola design had to blend with the Architecture of the home, yet be grand enough to create a tribute befitting this great man that she was still in love with. The lush greenery helps anchor this large structure in the landscape. Does it not look as if it simply grew there?

This is our most popular pergola design and downloadable plans are available.

Pergola Plans to Blend with the Design of Any Style Home

Subtle detail changes can alter the look of these pergola plans.  If you have a unique home, please send us a photo of the home and we will coach you on customizing the plans.

These large pergola designs were created to blend with a turn of the century home. The detailing fits well with many styles of architecture from arts and crafts to colonial. Pergolas can be large or small, robust or fine looking, this is certainly on the substantial side. Our designers can scale pergola plans to fit your requirements. Get in touch today!

This large design specifies readily available trim profiles and sculpted lattice panels to facilitate climbing vines.  From the details of the plans, you or your builder should be able to adapt to many different sizes. Use 4 columns 14’x 14′ or 5 sections that make it 60′ long. Everyone has different tastes in color but we try to match adjacent structures. Each double column is a single footing, however, 2 posts are mounted in each hole. You may decide to do a square unit and use 3 posts per corner so that it looks the same from all views.

The Engineers Choice of Pergola Plans

Wind is not a concern with these oft engineered pergola plans. Large braces and substantial posts anchored within the ground help this structure to resist winds. Many architects and designers now use these designs as a basis for vertical structures that need engineering in hurricane-prone locations. When we designed these designs we wanted wind resistance, but we also considered resisting sheets of roofing thrown by the wind. This is likely to be one of the last structures standing after a hurricane.

Projects like this should be constructed by builders that are experienced in trim work as well as framing. Pneumatic finish nailers will help get the job done more quickly.

Designing Garden Structures for Hurricanes

Hurricane proof structures have to have an anchor into the ground and they have to be strong. They must be designs that will take hits from flying debris at 150-180 mph without becoming a flying object as well. These posts have massive footings and double posts to resist lateral force–ie. Wind.

The upper beam will need to be secured with galvanized hardware and hanger nails, as will the rafters. The side screen rails should be secured with ledger lock bolts. Find them at any hardware retailer.

This plan is popular among Designers, Architects and Engineers due to its robust structure details.

Have us build a structure like this anywhere in Southern Ontario or buy the plans to build it yourself.

Have you seen our decks and fences?  You may be surprised!

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