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Terms and Conditions:

Our Architectural DesignService is a pay as you go service. During the online or phone consultation a quote will be given followed up by an invoice for a retainer or down payment. Final payment must be received prior to shipment of the final design/ details. A list of details to be provided and a description will be included in the invoice. These fees are non-refundable.

Pre Made Plans come with Free Support by email while you build, thus, are not refundable. We get very few support requests, and when we do the plans are adjusted for clarity. We help you build, and you help us improve our products. The plans are proofed typically by one of our carpenters actually building the structure prior to release.

Design Consultations are a service provided locally by specialist designers and these “Consultations” are a fee for service agreement. There is no expressed warranty nor guarantee of what will be provided. You are investing in the specialist you arrange the appointment with.

Quotations are addressed normally by a short phone call. We do not quote every project we are offered, however, we are very transparent about this during the call. We are not the right company for everyone– after 30 years we choose our clients, and they choose us. It has to be mutual.

Privacy Policy does not harvest, collect nor distribute any personal information. 

We will not spam you.

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