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Top 10 reasons to flee from low bids


Top 10 reasons to avoid low bid home improvements.

When a home improvement contractor is offering the low bid for anything, the first question that should enter your head is WHY?  Kitchens, Baths and decks and additions are a complex and specialized job to do. Many things need to be planned, designed and a team of contractors needs to be assembled. Materials need to be ordered, and everything needs to be kept on the rails during the project.

1)  Is the builder prone to math errors?  It may cost you more…much more. His errors putting together a bid do not guarantee that he will finish the job at a loss– unless he is independently wealthy, he will ask for more or simply walk away.

2)  The low bid builder may do this as a business strategy– that is generally how it works in commercial work. They do the job at a loss…and load the profit in on the extras. That’s how job budgets get doubled.

3)  If a contractor is doing work for less than legitimate builders, what do you think the odds are that this builder will be in business 2 or 3 years down the road?  What length of warranty does the builder offer? Do you think he will be there to help if something was done wrong?  Will he be able to afford to help you when he doesn’t earn enough to pay his own bills? Good intentions are a wonderful thing, but when promises cannot be kept, you get left in the cold.

4)  Low bid home improvement contractors rarely intend to get permits.

5) Typically, they do most of the work themselves including plumbing and electrical.


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