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Our Top 5 Deck Builder Disasters!


We have seen Deck Builder Disasters!

It’s that time of the year when the phone starts ringing with calls that go like this.

” I hired a deck builder and he hasn’t shown up — What should I do?”

Every July and August I field 2 or 3 calls like this a week.

“Let’s build decksThey say, “What’s the worst that can happen?  Anyone can build decks, right?”  “Yeah– Rah Rah– Let’s start a business!”

And they do. About 500-1000 new deck companies each year, and most are gone by July.

These are just a few of the results…


Our Top 5 Deck Disasters

#5   “Help us Mike Holmes”… Apparently, he didn’t hear their cries!

This one was in Barrie ON–and with the upside down stringers, we have to wonder if it was actually done by the homeowner. I pressed her for the name of the builder and she refused even off the record.

#4  “Ready to Collapse–just add guests!”

Here’s one from Tennessee– posted by a home inspector. There is way more wrong with this deck than he even pointed out. We could easily add another 10 or so issues.


#3  “Can we rebuild on this existing frame?  Sure you can!”

This poor naive couple hired a Mike Holmes Superfan handyman to rebuild their deck. Ouch… they used “screw-nails” to put the decking down, (watch the video to see that), and wasted an entire summer being patient. They look to be very nice people, but although this video is old, the message is timeless. Watch the second video for lessons learned by the homeowner afterward.

Part 1

Part 2


#2  “Found by Experts– $100,000 in the crapper!”

Paul Lafrance, “King of the Deck Disasters Show” came out to inspect this one that the Deck Store found last year. I design for Lafrance and the Deck Store– We all work together for those that didn’t realize it. Anyhow, this is an inspection of a deck built by a landscape company that billed out for about 90k’s. When we ripped the deck out it filled two 18 yard bins. Such a waste.

Paul and Terry Fangrad, (founder of the Deck Store) do a great job of explaining this disaster of a deck.



#1  “Caught on Video”

How bad can it be?  Have a look!

Numerous deck collapses are caught on tape these days– and this is just one of many. Is it really worth saving a few bucks and leaving your family and friends at risk?

Hire a professional– Invest in Quality!

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