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Waterfront properties near Peterborough and Muskoka often have some dramatic slopes to deal with, which means large staircases and multiple landings down to the water. Here are some photos of this type of deck built by GardenStructure.com builders.

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A Large Waterfront Deck in Peterborough

Building waterfront decks in Peterborough Ontario often involves accommodating the heavy slope of the lot. You have to use landings to make staircases safe. You simply don’t want a huge straight staircase without landings just in case a fall were to happen. Here is one such deck designed and built by Garry Douglas near Stoney Lake Ontario. Garry designed his own custom handrails for this deck that is code compliant.

Yes, it was winter when this deck was finished up– Just in time! Sloped properties down to the water always involve landings and stairs to ascend to the water. It is, however, a great excuse to create beautiful decks to view the water from–cascading platforms each with a spectacular vista of the lake.

Unless of course, the lake is frozen–then you have a great view of fish huts from your decks! During the summer–this is the view, very nice. Red cedar decks with cool custom rails and a million dollar view–The landing midspan can shorten a fall and give you a chance to recover. Direction changes help also help to prevent dangerous falls.

Planning Waterfront Decks with Staircases

When it comes to planning staircases down to the water you have to plot the slope. Work with a transit or careful measuring is necessary. These days we render the slope in 3D and build it on the screen to scale. Carefully planning every facet of stairs and landings around trees and rocks is now possible. We do offer this 3D Deck Design Service in the Peterborough area. You give us a budget and we design decks to fit as best we can. We can’t work miracles, but we usually come fairly close!

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