A Victorian Porch Restoration Near Toronto


Just north of Toronto in the Village of Caledon, we restored this traditional Victorian Porch for a very special client. We corrected many of the typical porch issues by applying a finish before building but stayed true to the details and style of the era.

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Victorian Porch Restoration in Caledon

This Victorian Porch Restoration on this home in Caledon near Toronto ON, (Caledon, Ontario) was needed badly. The previous builder, (the one that fabricated and added the gingerbread and custom spindles) just decorated the existing porch. They decided they could leave the old rotten beam in the deck and add 1 layer of spruce material to hold this porch up. It was one of those porch jobs where the deeper you dig, the more you find. There was an old entrance slab that was preventing the previous builder from installing a proper framing system. In order to correct that we broke that up and removed it. We completely re-worked the framing, shored the structure up and replaced the main beam.

Beneath the porch was now roughly a foot lower than the gardens outside, which caused a pool to form beneath. We added fill and a vapor barrier that helped that area drain into the garden. The stairs had risers of 11″, and they were rotten, so the stairs were re-worked to code by adding another riser. We also increased the size of the treads to 17″, and added a handrail with custom caps. We reproduced a shorter version of the handrail on this deck for another deck at the other side of the house. The leftover parts were used for these small sections of rail and fabricated a more robust rail structure since it was exposed to the elements.

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How do you make a Porch Restoration Better?

When we looked at this porch restoration near Toronto we asked ourselves, “How do we do better this time?”. How do we make it last longer?

We designed to allow air flow to move through beneath the porch. This prevents joist rot. The open lattice gives this traditional porch a stylized version of the original.

Secondly, we used the best wood stain we could find. All parts, including all the custom latticework skirting and decking, was pre-finished with a high-quality wood stain on all 6 sides to prevent premature deterioration. See our article “Exterior Stain on Wood” for more information on the process.

Victorian porches were far more popular in years past–but they still appeal to some people that still appreciate a white picket fence and scrollwork. This porch is a classic. As you come upon this porch restoration the facade is gorgeous. Landscape Designers love designing for highly decorative homes like this. It gives them a chance to spread their wings. Another good article on designing trelliswork is just a click away as well.

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