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Good Neighbour Fence Plans and Designs are available. Let us teach you how to build a proper good neighbor fence!

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Good Neighbor Fence Design & Plans

These upscale good neighbor fence plans were used to create this custom designed fence in Toronto’s Beaches Neighborhood. This area prizes artistic fence designs like few others.

This is a sandwiched board, prefinished, handmade lattice version of a good neighbor fence in Toronto. Mitered sections are always more work and this heavily sloped lot meant plenty of angled cuts. We could have built a standard lattice topped fence in 1/4 of the time. Sealing all those end grains and pre-finishing the materials takes some time. Why was it worth the investment? They will find out in a few years–it will likely extend the life of the fence by a solid 10 years and make it age more gracefully.

It takes more time and effort to do everything right while building fences!

Building with our Good Neighbor Fence Designs

These good neighbor fence designs include all the design details. Any decent fence builder will be able to build a long-lasting fence that looks like this one using our plans. Pre-staining is always a good idea, though it is a lot of work! Posts should be set in concrete, however, keep the concrete in the bottom half of the hole and top up with gravel or dirt.

Custom Designed Good Neighbour Fences in Toronto and Beaches

When you want a custom designed good neighbor fence in Toronto and Beaches, get in touch! In the past 30 years of building fences, we have learned a little about it. How to make the footings resist frost, how to build better and last longer and how to select better cuts of wood. A little creativity goes a long way to making fences look better and last longer.  Speak to us about creating a beautiful fence for you wherever you live!

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