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Privacy Fence Designs and Plans are Available! These unique designs enable you to build these fence designs wherever you live! These plans are just one of our fence ideas!

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Privacy Fence Designs with Lattice Panels (Plans)

Privacy fence plans designed by actual builders are rare. These unique privacy fence designs with handmade lattice is admired by everyone that passes by this Avenue Rd home in Toronto. Click buy now to purchase the plans.

The clients asked us to design this privacy fence to be similar to the existing privacy fence design, however, this time they wanted it to last more than 5 years. The amateur-built wood fence was leaning, the gate never worked and the detailing was poor. The low bid is often a poor investment when it comes to Wood Fences. We designed this Red Cedar fence and our builder did a masterful job of making our design a reality.

The parts were all pre-finished using a high-quality exterior stain to create a fence that shouldn’t need refinishing for nearly a decade. These fence plans are available so that you can have your builder create it for you wherever you happen to live.

What makes these “Privacy Fence Plans” so Unique?

It is the vertical lattice panels designed into these privacy fence plans that make them unique. Aside from our usual stellar details, this fence comes with gate details to prevent sag. It includes an attractive headpiece above the gate and a fence cap that you can build in the shop. Very few privacy fence plans include a handmade lattice detail.

Building with these Privacy Fence Plans

If you are a DIY builder, building with these privacy fence plans should be achievable. You can always ask a pro to set the posts for you. You will need all the basic carpentry hand tools as well as a table saw and sander.

Experience using these tools is a must in order to build safely. Consider a course in woodworking first if you lack confidence.

These plans are fully detailed construction drawings that any professional fence builder can get excellent results using.

The fence plans and designs include details for the gate with headpiece. These durable fence details are sure to last decades.

We recommend using red cedar for this project. Pressure treated wood is toxic and not suitable for ripping the parts. Further, when you mill pressure treated you expose the non-pressure treated core which leads to premature rot.

Hand Made Lattice is more Durable

Handmade lattice is always more durable. Factory made standard lattice is stapled together and very thin. We have often seen non-galvanized staples used to make sheet lattice.

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