Twin Retractable Canopy Pergolas in Burlington


A Retractable Canopy Pergola! Shade, privacy, shelter from the rain, this pergola system with cool custom privacy fence design does it all. Being a retractable canopy, it changes the pergola from roof to open, but still maintains style in both settings!

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A Pair of Retractable Canopy Pergolas

We designed this pair of retractable canopy pergolas in Burlington on Lakeshore Rd. It was all about creating some all-important privacy in the hot tub, without shutting off the daylight!  We used retractable canvas canopies to shelter the view from adjacent windows, and a cool custom designed privacy fence to block the ground floor windows. The canopies can be left open to give an open airy feel on a sunny day, or closed while using the hot tub for the ultimate privacy.  We used waterproof canvas so that it could provide a dry area for parties on rainy days.

Retractable Canopy for Pergola- Canada

Here is a retractable canopy for pergola retrofits in Canada. This kit features stainless steel, aluminum and high-quality canvas. They offer a long warranty and we have very few issues with them long term. We have been installing these canopies for more than a decade now. The pergola needs to be designed to house it, however, once that is done,  it is a simple installation. We can design a pergola for you to install these canopies wherever you live. We are a design house after all!

A Pergola with Retractable Waterproof Canopy

To create a pergola with a retractable waterproof canopy you need to design a pergola to fit the specifications outlined by the supplier. Rarely can you ever just drop in a canopy kit and expect it to fit. A better canopy will be designed to fit within the pergola. Most companies offer this service. We always build the pergola and then measure for the canopy. You can plan everything to minute detail, however, once it is built it may be a slightly different size. This is why custom sized retractable waterproof canopies are the way to go.

Retractable Canopy Roof Pergola Prices

When it comes to retractable canopy roof pergolas, prices range from about $50-150 per square foot. It depends on the size, location, site access and the type of canopy. They range from standard sized sheets of canvas or sail material to aluminum louvered systems. Prices can be higher than $150/square foot depending on the pergola design, so, if you plan to get fancy you should reserve more budget! We design many of these systems into decks in the Toronto area.

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