Trompe L’oeil Trelliage in Newmarket


How do you dress up a rather unattractive back wall of a garage in the garden? We like to use trelliswork or trompe l’oeil trelliswork to add interest. Here is a trelliswork feature in Newmarket roughly 16′ x 12′ high. We also framed the entrance to the area with some circular column trelliswork and a headpiece connecting the house to garage visually.

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A trompe l’oeil trelliage feature in Newmarket ON, cladding the rear wall of a garage and housing an alarm siren. These trelliage ( trelliswork ) are always designed to fit a certain place, laid out in rendering software to ensure a good fit and sight line. Such a beautiful garden, but it had a bare back of a garage imposed on it. These are the kind of landscape design issues we are known to overcome. We love overcoming challenges in Garden Design. While we were there we framed the entrance to the area in the garden with trelliswork columns and trellis side panels.

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