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Designs for wood trelliswork in the Garden- A trompe l’oeil trellis panel.

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Trompe L’Oeil Trelliage – What is it?

Trompe L’oeil trelliage is loosely translated as “To Fool The Eye”. This trelliage “Trelliswork”, can cause an illusion that draws interest in a garden. Train vines up to increase the illusion. We design these on the computer these days, but back when we designed this one, it was all done on paper.

Trompe L’oeil design for the rear wall of a Garage

A trompe l’oeil trelliage feature in Newmarket, cladding the rear wall of a garage and housing an alarm siren. This trelliage ( trelliswork ) was designed to fit a certain place, laid out in rendering software to ensure a good fit and sight line. Such a beautiful garden, but it had a bare back of a garage imposed on it. These are the kind of landscape design issues we are known to overcome. We love overcoming challenges in Garden Design. While we were there we framed the entrance to the area in the garden with trelliswork columns and trellis side panels.

How do you dress up a rather unattractive back wall of a garage in the garden? We like to use trelliswork or trompe l’oeil trelliswork to add interest. Here is a trelliswork feature in Newmarket roughly 16′ x 12′ high. We also framed the entrance to the area with some circular column trelliswork and a headpiece connecting the house to garage visually.

Trelliswork for the Illusion of Depth

Creating the illusion of depth with trelliswork is complicated. The parts have to shrink as they reach the center of the panel. Mirrors within the trelliswork can help also, but here we terminated using a bronze casting. Trompe l’oeil trelliswork is a challenge to any trim carpenter, however, it is worth the effort for overall effect. Uncommon detailing like these trelliswork panels of illusion can make a garden space singular.

Have us Design a Trelliswork Feature for your Garden

In order to design a trelliswork feature, we will need a few things. Photos of the house and yard as well as a few dimensions. If the trelliswork feature will need to fit somewhere, tell us the rough size of the area. You can send these to [email protected] or through

Please let us know your tastes and the purpose of the design.  Will it be for privacy or just a point of interest?

We love designing inspired details for clients that appreciate what we do– Get in touch Soon!

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