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Adaptable Trellis Fence Design

This easily adaptable trellis fence design makes creating a simple trellis fence easy!

Creating a Simple Trelliswork Fence used to be complex. We have created a plan to guide you through creating a simple trellis panel and manipulate the density for a uniform appearance using simple methods.

This is a staple detail for our builders and they use it in hundreds of different arrangements. Speak to one of our builders today about creating a unique application of this heavy trelliswork panel.

By making the latticework slightly smaller it will look finer–like the trelliage of old France.

A Durable Trellis Fence

Building a durable trellis fence is now easy!  So many trellis fences succumb to rot in less than a decade.

  1. Use the 2 part footing in the plans to keep the posts dry at ground level and resist frost heave.
  2. The larger verticals (2×2) will last longer than smaller pieces.
  3. Avoid notching the lattice parts–the end grains soak up moisture and rot first.
  4. Pre-finish all the parts with oil-based exterior stain.
  5. Add a drip edge into the top rail to keep the moisture away from the trellis as much as possible.

Plans to Build Trelliswork Fences

These plans to build trelliswork fences were developed over 30 years of experimentation. We can show you standard privacy fences that have lasted 30 years. This was before our development of many new details to help them last longer.

Our DIY trellis fence shows you how to set posts to resist frost and moisture. We show you how to set the posts in a perfectly straight line. We explain every step in the process of building and planning your fences.

Our fence plans were developed by actual fence builders, not handymen authors.

All our plans come with free support by email while you build– Let us help you build your fences!


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