8 Trelliswork Fence Designs


A gallery of 8 trelliswork fence designs by GardenStructure in the Toronto area. We design unique and one of a kind fences and trellis fences for clients across North America!

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Trelliswork Fence Designs

Here are a few trelliswork fence designs from Toronto and the GTA. Building trelliswork that doesn’t fall apart in a year or two is an art much like building Shoji or Boats.

There are some important lessons necessary to get past 10 years, but once you get there 30-year woodwork is not so far off. Our standard trellis fences are durable and very strong and come with a 5-year warranty from the builder.

Choose vines that flower and produce berries, even evergreen vines that will hold berries and foliage year round. Choose wisely and your fence can have colors changing all year round. It can look like a new landscape painting every few weeks.

We can build any density and the size of the parts depends on what kind of vine you are planning to attach if any. Some people just love the look of the trellis, and are not worried about vines hiding any of it!

How much do Trelliswork Fences Cost?

Most people haven’t a clue as to what trelliswork fences cost. Trelliswork normally ranges from $50-300 per running foot, but there are exceptions. This very large trellis fence was closer to $1000/ running foot 25 years ago. If you want to know how much decks cost in 2018 click here.

Our designers will design or specify to help your trellis fence design fit within your budget. Please keep in mind, we are not magicians! We just cannot build trellis fences for under $50/foot. We could, but they just will not last long.

Trellis Fences for Curb Appeal

Trellis fences can be used for curb appeal as well as for supporting plants. Imagine an intricate set of gates leading to the rear yard, but visible from the street. Architectural trelliswork with vines and low voltage lights can add an air of prestige to any property. Furthermore, you can use free standing trellis panels towards the fence line to dress up the front yard of any home. Vary the density to create more or less privacy.


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