Decorative Trellis Fence Plans and Ideas- A Curved Trellis



Curved Decorative Red Cedar Trellis Plans. Create a Trellis Privacy Screen to grow vines on or add interest to your garden. Circularly curved insets can be made by any local cabinet shop with the plans.

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Curved Decorative Trellis Screen Plans – T171 DIY

We created these curved decorative trellis screen plans for a client in Midhurst. She wanted something unique up beyond the pool. We were in the mood for curves that day, so we designed this beautiful trellis privacy screen. The original stood for about 15 years. We expected more, so these trellis plans are being reworked presently to take it over the 20-year mark. Trellises have been used for centuries to add interest to gardens and uneventful spaces. Vines of different shades and colors can be trained over to give a different look throughout the seasons.

Building our Trellis Privacy Screen T171 DIY

This trellis privacy screen plan is step-by-step and DIY. We walk you through the process of building and as with all our plans, offer you free support by email. This is an advanced plan only due to the laminated curve. You will need a number of clamps, belt and palm sanders and plenty of sandpaper. The curve parts can be cut with a jigsaw from templates we walk you through making. To mill the post cap parts and trims you should be proficient using a table saw safely.

Staining your Trellis Privacy Screen

Included in the plans is a stain guide that walks you through the process of staining. Due to changes in the stain products available, it is being updated for the release of the 3d version of the plan. You can find the most recent article on Exterior Stain here. Consider pre-finishing the materials before you build. It is a sure way of making it last much longer. We didn’t do that when we built the original–which is part of the disappointing 15-year lifespan.

Decorative Trellis Screen Plans – Designer’s notes

A light colored solid stain will show off detail. Shadow lines accent off profiles, trims and the shapes of the parts. Using a dark color will muddy the appearance and make it look less detailed. Some people love dark colors, however, for this trellis screen project, we don’t recommend it. Dark colors also absorb and expel more heat and could scorch plants. 

When it comes to scaling, it is best to follow the dimensions provided for longest life. Feel free to add sections, but making the fence taller is not recommended. We aim to help you create something to last more than 2 decades.

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