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A Privacy Trellis Screen designed for clients in Oakville. These days we create many of these trelliswork designs in 3D for our clients. Have us create plans for your privacy trellis today!

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A Cedar Weave Trellis Privacy Screen

This Oakville trellis project involved reworking some existing red cedar privacy screens to something a bit cooler and modern. We came up with a mock weave, with more open spaces around the exterior of the panels. Ahhh, much better!

This was one of those privacy screens that floated above the ground 3′. Personally, it is a detail I absolutely cannot stand. It’s like they built it above a hedge, or, somebody thought it was interesting to have imaginary wainscot beneath it. NO NO NO!

Every site has a “Need To Change” detail. Something that will spoil the photo shoot. Those bad details that when pointed out evoke a “Yes–I’d love to do something with that”.

Building Trellis Privacy Screens

Trellis privacy screens can be simple or complex. This one is more on the simple side. Trelliswork can be complex and prone to issues long term if now well considered. Keeping it simple is the best tact.

Trellis screens need to be attached to solid posts in durable footings. They need to have enough support to carry the structure. The trellis needs to be connected well with durable and suitable fasteners. Something we commonly see is ardox nails used in red cedar lumber. These raw fasteners bleed black over time. They end up rotting before the wood.

Designing Privacy Screens

The first question when designing privacy screens is where to place them. What do you want privacy from?  Neighbors?  Windows above?  A pool?

Get creative? Should it be more fence like or broken up like a series of smaller spaced privacy screens.  There are no rigid rules for designing privacy screens. This panel is all red cedar, but they can be made of any metal, cloth, glass, or even something laser cut.

A privacy screen can be just about anything, so long as it is sturdy enough to resist the wind.

There are numerous DIY Plans for screens in the DIY Plans Gallery

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