Trellis Fence Designs – With Gated Arbor


This beautiful garden arbour and trellis fence was designed for a special client in Toronto. Prefinished red cedar in oil based solid stain, it will last decades!

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Garden Arbor with Trellis Fence Designs

These trellis fence designs work well as a front yard fence. This fence design is not a wall–it is more transparent and inviting! The open hand made trelliswork enables you to train vines up and over the trellis part of this fence.

Trelliage, a French word for Trellis just seems to fit when describing this Arbour with open fence and gate. Trelliage is typically for training vines up, and depending on the planting choice, you will want to use different strengths of trelliage. This lightweight trelliswork is for less aggressive plant material, like Boston Ivy. Clematis would require much stronger trellis than the 1″ diameter shown here.  Steel can be used in the shade, but never in the sun–it heats up and scorches the plants.  This arbor is paired with a pergola constructed on an existing patio entrance to the home. This was built near Bayview and 401 in Thornhill.

Trellis Fences for a Stylish Front Yard

Most front yard fences are either masonry or picket fences. This trellis fence is robust enough to last and offers a gated entry to the yard. This fence design could also be used as an entrance to the rear yard. When it comes to curb-appeal, this fence idea is brilliant!

When it comes to privacy, increase the plantings and let the vines create the privacy for you.

Garden Arbor Designs with Fences

These arbor and fence designs were created for a client and were just part of the landscape plan. If you look beyond at the home, there is a pergola with negative density to the fence. She asked for a more open fence with a gate and a more private pergola on the existing concrete porch. We are all about design solutions here at and rendered a couple of options. She chose this one. Most of the fence ideas you find in this gallery came about as a custom fence design at the request of a client.


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