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Table Plans and Bench Plans



This DIY Plan for table and bench was designed to be sturdy and buildable with lumber yard outdoor decking materials. The original was dragged around to home shows all over ontario and remained solid and sturdy over 5 or so years. A PVC version is coming soon!



DIY Table Plans and Bench Plans (Indoor or out)

DIY table plans and bench plans are sturdy and stylish. Made of western red cedar full-width decking, both these DIY pieces are sturdy and wobble proof. This is a fabulous project plan for anyone with space in the shop and some skill! Little touches like decorative cuts and tapered plugs in the top to hide the fasteners make this furniture–not just outdoor handy-craft.

Designed to live outside in the elements, this table and bench plan walks you through construction step by step. A material list is included. It should take a decent handyman a weekend to build and it is achievable with minimal skill. If you know how to cut a piece of wood, pilot a hole and insert a screw, you should be good with these plans.

It is a comfortable height and should last about 20 years in the elements without a finish. If you pre-finish with high-quality stain or marine finish, you can expect extra durability.

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Basic Skills required to build our Bench and Table Plans

These table and bench plans will require the ability to cut and measure. Whether you use a hand saw or a power miter saw, is up to you. I love using a Japanese framing saw and can pretty much keep up with modern circular saws. The important aspect is that you can operate these tools in a safe way. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and play safe.

Tools Required for our DIY Table and Bench Plans

You will need a miter saw, table saw and a jigsaw to build this table and benches. A drill and a tapered plug cutter. A framing nailer is handy for the basic frame. Nails have more sheer strength than screws. (this is why we use nails for the table frame and bench bases). The screws that you will install hold the frames together. Basic hand tools, a pouch, hammer, nail set, tape measure. You will need something to use as a spacer like a pair of scratch awls.

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