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Stoney Lake Composite Deck with Timber Pergola


This large deck was built for clients on Stoney Lake ON, near Peterborough and ticked all the boxes on their wish list. A subtle curve, staircase with landings, privacy towards the neighbor, frameless glass rails towards the water and a cool timber framed pergola.     Arrange a Design Consultation                                Get a Quote



A Large Composite Deck in Stoney Lake ON

This large composite deck on Stoney Lake features a timber pergola. Our builder included a curve, stairs down with 2 landings, frameless glass rails, a privacy screen and a unique pergola that casts a pattern into the shadows. Well done Garry Douglas! Decks like this make a statement that goes like this. “I know what I like–so let’s do it!”. This is not a big city type of deck, it has cottage country deck written all over it. The composite decking should last decades, and the entire structure was designed to be heavy enough to last just as long.

Heavy timber companies are prefabricating these uber cool pergolas for installation on their own or on decks. Depending on the color they are finished in, their style changes. A structure like this can look country with a semi-transparent look, or big city architectural with a solid finish, casting shadows about.

Building this Large Composite Deck on Stoney Lake

Building a large composite deck is very different than building a timber deck. Composite decks need much tighter joist spacing. Usually between 10-12″ apart. Composite is not a structural material, so in order to make up for the flex–you need to shorten up the spans. That doesn’t mean the joists can be smaller, remember, this composite deck is going to likely last 30-40 years before bleaching out. It is better to overbuild composite decks. This large deck in Stoney Lake took about twice as long to build as your typical wooden deck.

Is it worth the extra budget for Composite Decks?

Well, if you are planning on selling your home in the next 30 years, yes it is. Say, the owner of this home decides to sell the house. Whether it is 3 years from now or 10 years from now, the deck will still be sturdy and stable and should look much like it does now. Sure, the composite decking may be a little faded, but that is still worth more on resale than a rotting wood deck after 10 years. Get in touch with us for more information about composite decks!

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