Small Deck in Barrie with Arcadia Louvered Roofs


Small Decks – Ideas in Barrie ON. Use low maintenance PVC Decking and break up the colours. Arcadia Louvred roof for privacy, shade and protection from rain!

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Small Deck Ideas in Barrie Ontario for Shade and Privacy

When it comes to small deck ideas, this small deck in Barrie ON with an Arcadia Louvered Roof offers a few options rarely seen. The angular shape, paired with the Arcadia Louvred Roof really draws the eye. This PVC deck also has aluminum rails which means low maintenance for decades to come. Just power wash if it gets dirty–beautiful forever!

When these clients asked us to design a small deck, they had a wish list and sketches for a small rectangular deck. Most people like to plan their own yard, so I drew up what they asked, but also included a couple of “more unique” small deck designs. As often happens, they couldn’t resist doing the unique deck layout.

Two-tone PVC decking, Borders in Dark and field in light beige adds interest. This PVC decking is also non-slip and made from Automotive Plastic for the outer shell. It should not fade much and is a durable shell.

 Let Us Design your Project         Get a Quote for Your Designs

Designing Small Decks with Arcadia Louvered Roofs

Being low on the ground, this deck’s framing was a bit more complex, and to allow the air to flow, spaces were maintained between the deck boards and skirting boards. Small decks always look more simple than they actually are. This deck utilizes helical type footings to resist frost movement.

When it comes to deck ideas, keeping it simple is always best, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play with a deck’s shape. Subtly different rules the day when it comes to decks. Make it big enough for the furniture you are planning, and maintain a walkway for comfortable movement across the deck. You should never be tripping over furniture.  Angles are pleasing to the eye, and they play well in photos. Curves can be great, but sometimes they don’t fit the yard or home.

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