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A Simple Arched Garden Arbor Plans



All you need to build this simple arched garden arbor is basic carpentry tools and a jigsaw. Fits over most side walkways… and can be built for a stake in construction or with permanent posts in concrete footings.


Simple Arched Garden Arbor Plans

Simple Arched Garden Arbor Plans that you can build from standard lumber with basic tools. (Pressure Treated, Red Cedar Lumber or Redwood)

You can build this arbor from our plans in a weekend. Stake it in or place it on permanent footings. This is a simple and stable structure that should last more than a decade. Dress up that yard entrance with an arched trelliswork clad arbor. Train vines upward and over the entrance to a stylish looking garden. Build a beautifully arched garden arbor with our help!

Building the Arched Garden Arbor

For building the arched garden arbor you will need basic skills like cutting and measuring accurately. It will require basic tools, like a saw, jigsaw, measuring tape and a cordless drill. Our step by step instructions will guide you through the process and we even give you some unique information about building arbors. Most handy people will find this easy to accomplish on a weekend.

Arbor Plans – choosing the right Lumber

Dry pressure treated or red cedar lumber should be moist in order to work with. We designed these arbor plans with moist lumber in mind. That said, a big box store is not the best place to buy pressure treated or cedar lumber for this project. Generally, big box stores are often buying a lower grade of lumber with the core of the tree in each piece. As it dries, it cracks all 4 sides and twists. For building a garden arbor with our plans we recommend sourcing lumber through a lumber yard that specializes in lumber.  You won’t regret investing a little more in materials. Further, you may find they have really good advice as well– and these specialist lumber companies can answer a myriad of questions about building with wood. Make friends with your supplier.

One such supplier is TransCanada Wood Products in Barrie ON. They source higher grades of lumber and kiln-dried, waxed end red cedar– which is perfect for our Arbor Plans.

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