Second Level Hot Tub Deck in Orangeville


You can call this a photorealistic rendering, we just didn’t render the underside of the deck and house roof fully. For purposes of envisioning what a deck will actually look like from the deck it fits the bill.

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Second Level Hot Tub Deck in Orangeville – Space is at a Premium!

This client had been seeking someone to do a tricky second level deck design, that would also carry a hot tub for months. Plenty of builders just wanted to build a deck and give it larger joists and it would be fine… we do things a different way. With our partners on this project, The Deck Store, we devised a second heavy deck just to support the tub. The upper deck would be framed around that with a pop out hatch to access the hot tub access. This is the only safe way to plan a second level deck with hot tub.


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