Rose Column Plans


Rose Column Plans- Free-standing trelliswork for your yard or garden!

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Free-Standing Trellises

These little rose column free standing trellises are simple and easy to build and adaptable to different heights. They are designed to train vines or roses upwards and get them into sunny spots in the yard. Cluster the columns for best effect, varying the heights.

Where to Use Rose Columns

Many plants require full sun to thrive. Many gardens are partially shaded throughout the day due to proximity to the home. These small free-standing trellises enable you to get your climbing vines out away from the home.

Obviously, woody and aggressive plants are not suitable for these lightweight trellises. They will pull them apart in no time. Roses, Raspberries, Boston Ivy and other fragile plants are perfectly suited to these trellises.

Building your Own Free-Standing Trellis

These small trellises will require a table saw and competency using it, a jigsaw and a miter saw.  Each one utilizes about $50 in western red cedar lumber. Building numerous units at the same time will decrease the budget due to efficiency. A skilled handyman should be able to build a few in a weekend.

DIY Plans – Coming Soon!

Mounting your Freestanding Rose Trellises

This is the simple part of this freestanding trelliswork. In the plan, there is a frost-resistant stake detail. Simply place the column where you like and hammer in the stake. A single screw will secure each corner. Simply level as you go. Depending on soil conditions, your rose columns should stay erect for many years.


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