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A unique pergola design with a retractable pergola canopy in Toronto Ontario.  Get in touch with us for a spectacular pergola today!

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Retractable Canopy Pergolas Company

We are your retractable canopy pergolas company. Our company is not known for creating the basic run of the mill pergolas with canopies dropped in. We design pergolas to make a statement first. The canopy is designed within the attractive structure. If you are looking for a more utilitarian structure, we are not your pergola company.

A retractable canopy pergola is basically a pergola with an awning inside to create shade, keep the water off, and to provide privacy. This Red Cedar pergola in Toronto features some parts stained, and others left to weather in the elements. All the gold coloured cedar will change to a grey patina in a few years. Have us design and build your beautiful pergola this year — Get in touch Today!

Pergola Designs for Retractable Canopies

Pergola designs for retractable canopies will always be a closed frame structure. This means that the beams form a box within which the canopy will be housed. Our pergola designers also include robust bracing, to make it a solid and stable structure. Canopies can catch the wind which will cause a lesser structure to move about. Any movement will cause the frame to distort and affect the canopy’s function.  Most of the time we are pre-finishing the inner area that will house the canopy with a high VOC finish to prevent rot.

Why build a Retractable Canopy Pergola?

A retractable canopy pergola can help address many design concerns. If you have neighbours close by you can feel like you are on display. This feeling is common and is part of the reason that pergolas are popular. A Retractable canopy pergola can help alleviate this feeling. Our designers often include a privacy screen so that when the canopy is closed it blocks the neighbour’s view from upper and lower levels.

On warmer days full sun may be too extreme so you can close your canopy for shade. In cooler weather, you can open it to get sun, close it to stay dry, shady and private! Add lights for ambience.  We design pergolas any size you like. Our builders offer a 5-year workmanship warranty.

This structure was originally featured in the Dream Gardens of the National Home Show in Toronto.

Garden Design was by Connie Cadotte.

How long do these structures last?

These structures, if well designed and constructed can last decades. If corners are cut and detailing is poor, you can only expect a few years before repairs are necessary. These structures are best left to the experts.

How long does a canvas patio cover last?

Normally canvas patio covers/awnings last about 10 years. It all depends on use and quality of fabric and construction. If they are designed with a garage that keeps them dry when not in use, they can last 2 decades or more. It may be prudent to purchase 2 canopies so that you can change out the fabric later. The fabric part is not the biggest investment.

Can these Patio Covers be Installed on my Existing Deck?

It all depends on how your deck is constructed. Have one of our patio cover designers drop in and have a look. They can advise you.


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