A Canvas Retractable Canopy Pergola


A retractable canopy pergola that opens and closes to provide shade and shelter from the rain, as well as privacy from onlooking neighbours. Get in touch today to start planning your retractable canopy pergola.

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Retractable Canopy Pergolas

Our Canvas Retractable Canopy Pergolas in Toronto open and close manually or with remote control. You choose the colour and the type and pattern of fabric made by Sunbrella, and we do the rest. We build the pergola and our specialists install your canopy within a few weeks. They are all made to fit the pergola and crafted with care. You can remove the canopy for the winter or wrap it with a tarp until spring. Our builders have created dozens of these across Ontario!

Pergolas Designed for Retractable Canopies

90% of the pergolas we build are designed for retractable canopies. Not everyone wants the upgrade at the time the pergola is built, however, we think it is prudent for people to add them easily later. This one features a privacy screen as well, that you can grow vines through for even more privacy and shade from the western sun.

How do you design a pergola for a retractable canopy?

The beams need to be in a boxed shape in which the canopy will be secured. It needs rafters every 3 or 4 ‘ minimum top for the centre track to be mounted to.  The box beam should be mounted near the inner face of the pergola support posts. (So that the canopy doesn’t hang up on it) Aside from the basics, building suitable pergolas are simple.

Best Practices for any Pergola:

  • Use large sealed posts for in-ground installations (6×6 or larger).
  • Concrete goes only in the bottom half of hole when setting a post.
  • On concrete footings should have adequate bracing to prevent movement.
  • Always use nails, not screws, for framing.
  • Build your frame 2x as strong as code dictates for longer durability.
  • Prefinish all the parts so that your pergola lasts longer!

Note:  Many municipalities require permits for pergolas. Contact your local building department to find out whether you need permits or not!

We are always looking for capable contractors in the Toronto Area. Our system is not a franchise– Click for more information!


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