Red Cedar Double Gate Plans- Ideas for Gates



This beautiful double gate was designed for clients in Toronto ON, and put together by our local builders. Build it yourself wherever you live, or have your tamed craftsman put it together for you using our plans.  These are the actual working drawings we designed that our builder assembled the gate in the photo from– these are not DIY step by step plans, just working drawings.

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Gate Plans and Ideas

These prototype red cedar gate and a half plans come with a matching fence design. The clients didn’t build the fence right away, just the gate. I haven’t dropped by to see if the fence exists yet. The plans do exist, so you can build something that nobody has even seen yet!  Coming up with unique ideas and designs for gates and fences is just a small part of what we do. We love designing gates and architectural features like this, so if you have the desire, get in touch. It doesn’t matter where you live, we can help you design your gates!

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Gate Building Designer’s notes:

This gate and a half detail enable a larger gate opening, using 2 smaller gates than one large gate that would be prone to failure. Any wood gate larger than 42″ usually doesn’t last as long. Installing 2 smaller gates leads to a longer lasting gate structure and in this case easily stretched to the desired 50″ opening.

This fence was built in St. Catharines about 2006. This fence plan was a design by Lawrence Winterburn.

Designing unique outdoor woodwork is hard. When you leave it to the professional woodwork designers at, inspired details are easy.

We can design wooden or cedar gates like this for your property that will fit like a glove!  The process starts with a quick phone call, and then a design consultation. This can be done online or in your home if you reside within our service area.

Custom Gate Designs

Custom gate designs are hard to find. Most custom gate companies only design when they are building the gates. We are a little different. We are designer’s first. Our design house has designed projects for the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association and Lee Valley Tools sells our stock plans.  We can render the designs in 2D or 3D, whatever you are more comfortable with.

All we need to give you a quote on a design is a photo of the home, and a photo of the area you are putting the feature. We take it from there! We will tell you what to measure etc.



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