An 8′ Privacy Screen Design


An 8′ wood privacy screen design for mounting on an existing deck or on the ground.

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Large Privacy Screen Designs

A stunning privacy screen 8′ high. When your neighbor doesn’t take as much pride in place as you do–a privacy screen can fit the bill precisely. Privacy Screens help you feel comfortable while using your space.  This fence can be built into your deck, or on posts set in the ground. There are many reasons that you need a large privacy screen design, but, if you love your neighbors you wouldn’t be here!

Tall Privacy Screen Designs and Bylaws

Most municipalities have bylaws governing tall privacy screen designs.

It only makes sense. Should one neighbor be able to build a 12′ privacy screen and cast shadows over another neighbor’s entire yard? Of course not!

You will have to speak to your local municipal office for the rules. We can tell you that typically, fences are limited to about 6′ in height. Many areas are adopting rules that state you can build an equal height to the distance from the property line. These rules always vary. If you want to avoid having to remove your tall privacy screens, speak to the building department first!

Large Privacy Screens – Structural Requirements

Ground Supported Privacy Screens:

Posts set in the ground will need about half their exposed length in the ground with concrete only in the bottom half of the hole.

This method is suitable for Florida, (where hurricanes are an issue). It should work for engineers in California where earthquakes are an issue, and also in the northern climates where frost is a destructive influence.

Supported by Decks

Oversized privacy screens secured to decks are an entirely different animal. Large privacy screens will exert wind load and also structural load upon the deck. The deck needs to be specifically designed to resist these forces.

There are a few ways to make this happen utilizing braces and oversized beams, but we will not get into specifics here. It might be best to speak to a professional decks designer before attempting to do this. It is also prudent to take the details from the designer to an engineer for confirmation. We provide these details quite often.



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