17 Privacy Screen Designs by GardenStructure.com


17 Privacy Screen Designs- A Gallery of creative privacy solutions! Let us design a privacy screen for you that you will not grow tired of! Check out our photorealistic renderings as well!

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Privacy Screen Designs

When you are looking for privacy screen designs, we are your inspirational source.

A privacy screen is normally a semi-solid barrier you erect to make you and your guests feel more comfortable while out in your yard.  They are normally made of wood, steel, glass or nowadays PVC, and often resemble a trelliswork or even a solid panel with decorative objects on it.

Typically, whenever a screen is solid, we refer to it as a Privacy Fence–though, when they have a trelliage feature applied, they can go back to being called a privacy screen. Enough talk… Enjoy the photos. We hope you find them inspirational.

Designing Privacy Screens

When designing privacy screens the process is limited only by your creativity. It can look like something different than it is. Privacy screens are a great way to show off your imagination.

Don’t be limited to what everyone else is doing–do your own thing! Great designs are inspired. They can come from within, or, be inspired by something you have seen.

What makes a Great Privacy Screen Design?

Great privacy screen designs will evoke interest and fascination. When architectural features draw the eye and act as a natural feature it is magical.

All the better when privacy screens change due to the sun’s position or with lighting. When the screens support vines, it is always preferable for the vines to bloom at different points in the season and are of different types. The splash of color from the foliage makes the privacy screen different over the seasons.

Careful with metal privacy panels–dark metal absorbs and releases heat in the direct sun. This may cause damage to the plantings.

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