Portico Entrance Deck in Oakville Ontario


A portico deck in Oakville Ontario with a built-in membrane to keep guests dry at your front door.

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A Portico Entrance Deck in Oakville

A Portico Entrance is a traditional element for historic homes. Commonly known as a portico, the covered front deck as an entrance keeps visitors dry when they wait to be greeted.  This deck was designed to improve the facade of this grand home in Oakville Ontario. This portico deck was built upon an existing concrete porch supported by frost walls. It is made of pre-finished red cedar and has hardwood decking. (Tigerdeck). Built by Dan Maragno in Oakville Ontario. Designed by Lawrence Winterburn

A large home on the Lakeshore in Oakville Ontario needs an equally detailed entrance as well. This portico deck looks much like a pergola with a deck perched on top. Perfectly detailed as an elaborate entrance to a stately home. The area below it is waterproofed, so it is a dry area for guests.

Building a Portico Deck in Oakville

To build a portico deck in Oakville involves design to create the construction drawings. Building permits are obviously required to construct any roofed structure attached to a home. The planning process can take a couple of months, so start early!

The patio and the porch base were existing, and they approached us for a design. They gave us a full artistic license, and given the area, a portico porch worked nicely. It is always a shock when you arrive at the building department to obtain permits and they were not supposed to have a porch there! Once we sorted that out the permit part was easy for this decked entrance.

Laminated structural knee braces stabilize the deck above the posts, and draw the eye to this magnificent deck. Custom rails and tongue and groove cedar clad the ceiling space below the deck. From this vantage, this deck in Oakville looks as if it grew out of the garden.

Roofing a Front Deck

It is not very often that you can add a roof to a front deck without installing footings and be doing groundwork. Any roof in Oakville will require proper footings to support it. Most concrete porches that do not move will be a suitable support for a roof since they typically have frost walls. Certainly, when there is a cold cellar beneath, that means it has proper footings. A wooden front deck will rarely be constructed with suitable footings to support an additional roof. Have one of our designers take a look at it if you are in doubt.

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