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A Privacy Screen featuring Trompe L’oeil Panel with Mirror

Pool Privacy Screens can be designed for many purposes. Obviously, screens create privacy from neighbor’s, but sometimes you just want to add something to the look of the area. This privacy screen was designed to give the yard a distinctive look. It is part of a much larger project that involved a pool house/cabana, pergola with fireplace and hot tub deck.  (Click the links to see the other parts of this project).

These faux 3D trellises can be made of wood or metal. We used both in this case and by spacing the lattice from the background you can create an effect where the trelliswork changes due to the direction of the sun. The Trompe L’oeil effect, “to fool the eye in French”, and the reflection of the pattern in the pool water, this privacy screen feature is absolutely captivating!

Pool Privacy Screens

Pool privacy screens can come in many styles and materials. This one was a blend of iron, smooth red cedar and rough cut fir with a little mirror thrown in. The important part of night viewing is the low voltage lighting. Setting the scene alight in the evening makes it magical!

Pool privacy is not about building a wall. Maybe a wall fits, but, that is usually boring. Adding some detail like a trellis that casts shadows will always be more interesting.  If there is a bigger budget, consider bringing stone or block into the mix. Planters or pots can also help dress up the area! It doesn’t have to be opulent, simple can be charming!


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