A Pool House in Toronto (North)


A Toronto area Pool House with Bar/Kitchen with roll-up doors (Power doors), Change Room, Storage, Den with fireplace and TV, a dining room beneath a pergola with a privacy screen and a stone outdoor kitchen.  Let Us Design your Project                               Get a Quote for Your Designs



A Pool House in Toronto

Christopher’s Cabana Paradise

A pool house is a beautiful thing, well, it should be. This pool house in Toronto, in particular, Christopher’s certainly is. Not to downplay how much the rest of this Aurora, family loves it, but it is a special and inspirational outdoor space. Chris hired a landscape architect to do the plans and showed the architect a photo of a pool house that he loved.  What the landscape architect came up with just wasn’t right. He did a layout, but no elevations, it just isn’t his forte as a landscape architect.

Chris then approached the landscaper that was showing off the photos of the pool house he loved. He made another call to another company that does great pool houses– “GardenStructure.com”.  Lawrence dropped in and had a look at the photo and said “yes… I remember that one. Paul Corsetti and I designed that one for the landscape company!”.  Moral of that story– for pool houses or cabanas in the GTA Just call GardenStructure.com first.

Now Chris was sure that he loved that photo, but based on the yard and plan we had different ideas, and after 2 or 3 revisions the concept was approved and it really didn’t change much over the project. We did need an engineered slab to make it all happen and this project turned out beautifully.

Designing a Toronto Pool House Cabana

A pool house cabana with a full kitchen, change room, den, dining room and outdoor kitchen, with privacy, and a storage/equipment room for the pool equipment. Chris wired it for sound – (That’s his business).  The landscapers and the pool company finished their work and voila– Paradise in Aurora ON.

Pool houses always require permits. This requires preplanning. From the initial consultation to start the build, it often takes 3-6 months. In the Toronto area, it can take 3-6 months to the building department to issue permits.

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Always consult the Building Department First!

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