A Pool Cabana with Fireplace in Toronto


A pair of pool cabanas in Toronto, one with kitchen one with fireplace. This type of structure could also be referred to as a Pavilion. Oversized cozy furniture makes gatherings around the fire on cool nights warm and intimate!

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Cozy Pool Cabana with Fireplace in Toronto

A cozy pool cabana with fireplace in Toronto with furniture that looks like it grew there! These clients requested a cozy pool cabana with fireplace that fit with the home and existing pool house. I am sure Paul Corsetti (the landscape designer), considered the furniture in the design because it works absolutely perfectly. The only thing cozier would be a waterbed! Yeah… maybe not!  Paul did a masterful job and so did Ben and Brian, the carpenters that built it. The stonework is quite nice as well. We think they should create a bylaw mandating fire features in every new cabana built! Unique structures like these take some time to plan, so please get in touch a few months before you want it built!

As you can see we matched the existing building in the background for trim details, and changed things up with the unique roof line. A backyard should not be a patchwork of different styles and colors. It should blend–let the details lead the eye.

Designing and Building Cabanas with Fire Features

Designing and building cabanas with fireplaces are not for handymen or DIY people. When you are connecting a torch into an open building behind your house you need a professional to design it, and specialized tradesmen experienced in this kind of installation. Gas fitters, electricians etc. will need to be contracted to do the hookups. Flammable materials can’t be near the fireplace, so cobbling it together with plywood is not a good idea. Steel stud and concrete board are often specified by the manufacturers but you will need to check the user’s guide as you build. There are also guidelines regarding chimneys that specify heights and clearances.

Permits are always required for this type of structure, so consult your local Building Department

We love designing and building structures like these– Lets Start Planning one for YOU!

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