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A Picket Fence Design – Downloadable Plans



Picket Fence Plans!

The plans include details for a decorative arbor seen in the first gallery image. The larger light post, single and double gates as well as the clad posts are included. Send us photos of your completed project and we will show off your skill!

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A Classic Picket Fence Design – Downloadable Plans

An inspired classic picket fence design needs to be symmetrical and appear the same on both faces. Poorly planned picket fences look different inside and out. Resulting disagreements create hard feelings if the “Bad Side” is oriented towards the neighbor with the softest disposition.  It is better to get it right in the picket fence during planning. These picket fence plans have mass appeal and are not likely to lead to disagreements.

You can make this fence up to 56″ in height.  The protruding pickets have a softly rounded profile. This is more inviting than jagged barbs up top. You can adjust the height to suit, add curved sections, single or double gates, or a taller lighted post if you like.  Posts are normally spaced 4-6′ apart on picket fences.

Building your Fence with our Picket Fence Plans

To build your own version of this picket fence plan you will need basic carpentry skills, tools for digging and setting posts, and an air nailer with galvanized fasteners. A jigsaw and drill are helpful also. Our picket fence plans include instructions for aligning posts and setting the posts in frost proof footings. The plans to build this picket fence are step by step and walk you through the layout and build.

Applying Finish to your Picket Fence

Picket fences are entirely exposed to the elements so use a durable outdoor wood like red cedar.  Seal all 6 sides for durability with a high quality imported exterior stain. The EPA has banned many chemicals that make stain last longer. We are seeing a very poor performance of exterior stains presently.) When materials are prefinished with stain, the fences always last much longer.

Symmetrical Picket Fence Designer’s Notes

Use this fence design from the drawing boards at GardenStructure.com to create a beautiful fence. This picket fence appears the same inside and out.  It is a simple thing to build using the plans. A fence is never as good when builders wing it from a photo you found online. Invest in something beautiful, use our fence plans. We built all of these projects and created the instructions to train our builders in the art of garden woodwork. They really work!

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