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An assortment of architectural pergolas from 30 years of builders.

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We are Pergola Builders all over North America

Our group of pergola builders create structures in any style across North America.  Some of these pergolas are from Florida, California, some from Toronto and everywhere in between. Come to to have a beautiful pergola designed and have our builders install it expertly.

Pergolas come in numerous sizes and shapes. Some rectangular, some curved or irregular. What matters is that a pergola blends with the home or attached building or landscape. We don’t have enough shots of these to give them their own gallery, (some are quite old), but they are worth seeing all the same. We think you will agree that these structures look as “In Style” today as they did when they were built up to 25 years ago.

Colour affects the style and look, and also helps make a pergola part of the home. Solid stains on wood help tie in any structure in.  If you find something in this gallery, please copy and paste it into the contact form so that our designer knows which one you loved! We can just do the design for you so that your builders can reproduce our style of work. Our designers can provide detailing for your engineer also.

Pergolas as a Point of Interest

Pergolas can be entirely open or act as a focal point of interest.  They can accent the entrance to a park or mall or add interest to a non-descript home or even distract the view. Pergolas don’t have to be the claustrophobic rafters and spanners making the back of your home dark. Let’s get creative with pergolas!

Your home has its own flavor, and tying in the style of your home to structures in the yard is a great way to wow your guests. It makes the home and yards an inclusive space, rather than a nice house and afterthoughts.

This is our magical ability. We design spectacular, magazine quality pergolas that accent the home rather than detracting from it.

We are always looking to add talented franchised builders to our list. If you know of someone that might be a fit, please connect them with us!



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