Pergolas with Turned Columns


This pergola with turned columns was designed to blend with the home.

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Large Scale Pergolas in Kitchener ON

Here is a  large scale pergola in Kitchener featuring low voltage lighting and large laminated beams. Finished with solid stain for durability. This pergola with 12″ turned columns was designed to blend with the home and be installed on an existing concrete patio. (Footings were poured prior to the patio) We matched the column profile to those existing on the home. Landscape Lighting was installed by our expert Clint Gage, and the pergola design was by Lawrence Winterburn.

How to build Large Pergolas without Braces

Building large pergolas without braces can be done a couple of ways. Compression hardware always works best, but in this case, metal brackets had to be used since other builders started the project. Compression hardware squeezes the column down on the footing in order to gain stability. In this case, the footings were too small to accomplish that.

Support Brackets had to be manufactured to support this pergola upon the existing footings. It is always better to plan the pergola prior to landscaping and patios being installed so that the pergola builders have what they need. The turned columns are structural hybrids, part fiberglass, part composite. We use these columns for some larger post pergolas due to their dimensional stability and compressive strength. This allows us to design pergolas without diagonal bracing.

We ran the low voltage wiring through the pergola while building so that wires would not be obvious. It also allows us to head off future moisture issues. White low voltage fixtures were chosen to match the pergola and be unobtrusive. Casting the lights downward give a nice subtle lighting effect without it looking overdone. Half posts were fitted to the wall to help it blend with the home

Low Voltage Lighting for Pergolas

Choosing and installing low voltage lighting for pergolas involves choices. Each low voltage lighting fixture can be upwards of $200 to buy, then you need a transformer, wire, and connectors. It is a simple circuit. Better fixtures are wired so that if one bulb burns out, the rest work. Cheaper low voltage lighting may be more like antique Christmas tree lights. When one burns out, nothing works. High-quality fixtures are made of copper or brass and have stainless and copper fittings. Inexpensive fixtures may last a year or two, where better quality fixtures could last 20 years or longer. The choice is yours. Temporary from a big box store–or permanent at three times the budget.

I think you know what direction I would recommend.

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