A Pergola in Tampa Florida



Create a classical Tampa pergola like this using our detailed plans, or have our local builder fabricate it and install it for you! This is a professional level plan. Handy or DIY Builders may have issues building a large structure with fine details like this.

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A Formal Tampa Pergola

This formal Tampa pergola was created using our T005 Pergola Plans. Our pergola builder in Tampa at the time was Lance Hans, and he did a brilliant job on this one. Changing the color adjusts the flavor. Dark grey stain gives this pergola an aged feel and also makes it more substantial looking. Build a pergola using our plans, or have our local builders do it for you!

As a backdrop to a fountain in tropical Florida, this Tampa Pergola looks right at home. Sure, there is a fair bit of investment in labor, but it is worth every penny. With our details, this pergola will last decades! We show you how to create the posts and connect everything up. You decide where the posts will go, in a perpendicular way, and connect everything.  Magical inspiration!

Pergola Builders in Tampa Florida

Our pergola builders in Tampa retired a short time ago, so presently we are looking for a capable pergola company to take over in the area. To find out more about the opportunity, go here! We only want the best crews and the willingness to learn and work hard for our clients is a priority.

Building T005 Pro Pergola Plans

This is a pergola plan that requires experience in setting posts, trim carpentry, and framing.  For building this pergola in Tampa, keep in mind that you will need to have it engineered locally. The only real difference is that ACQ rated hurricane clips must connect the beams to posts and rafters to beams. These plans have been stamped by numerous Florida Engineers, and even used to create municipal pergolas.

Finishing a Florida Pergola

Finishing a Florida pergola is more work than it used to be. Stain durability is an issue of late. The EPA banned a few chemicals that helped the older exterior stain products last much longer. The question of what to use on a Tampa Pergola I would suggest a marine finish. It would be best to use kiln dried materials and pre-finish the parts before you build. Marine finishes last much longer but stick with high VOC finishes. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application to the letter!

Building Pergolas in Tampa

When building pergolas in Tampa you will need building permits and an engineer’s stamp on the plans. T005 pro pergola plans contain the details but you will need an engineer’s stamp applied. You can find the building department here. Since you are building in a hurricane zone, there are specific construction guidelines relating to building pergolas. These guidelines prevent damage to adjacent properties during a storm. You need engineered drawings for any structure, even a garden shed.

If you need help applying for a permit for building pergolas, fill out the “Get a Quote” form below and we will give you a price to give you what you need.

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