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A Pavilion ” Roofed Pergola”, with massive turned columns aside an in ground pool. Shade structures are the crown jewel of any luxury yard.

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A Pergola with Roof in Oakville ON

This pergola with roof graces a fully landscaped yard with a pool in Oakville ON. A beautiful pool really needs to have a shade structure or Pavilion of some kind. Here we created a Roofed Pergola without braces necessary. It is a red cedar pergola structure with turned fiberglass structural columns to give it a grand appearance. (Forgive that the posts did not have the final coat of paint yet). This one has the look of a pergola with a traditional roof. Our local deck builders make many other deck companies look simple.

A stunning roofed pergola by the pool adds elegance and shade.  This Structure is large enough to cast the shade upon numerous recliners–Relax and enjoy.

These structures can be built with spans between posts of up to 14′ between posts.  Sizes are virtually unlimited. These are a larger budget item due to the unique structural components. We use our own engineered compression hardware to keep them stable and wind resistant without diagonal bracing. They do require massive footings, so they are not easily installed in an existing patio. Better to plan a structure like this prior to patio construction.

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What is a Pergola with a Roof?

A pergola is a room without walls. A pavilion is a roof without walls. A pergola with a roof is technically a pavilion. When the structure looks like a pergola, with decorative beam and rafter cuts exposed, we refer to it as a pergola with a roof.

How to build a Pergola with Roof

To build one, start with a very heavy pergola. The posts should be twice as large as typical, same with beams and footings. Helical footings can work very well if it is an existing patio. Just remove a few stones and spin them in. You can replace the stones by trimming them to fit around the post.

Next, you need to think about lateral stability. Here we used engineered posts with triangulated compression hardware–it doesn’t move. Without an engineered structure, you will need to use tension cables or large braces of some kind. These can be unsightly but are common. Maybe do a search for images and photos of pergolas with roofs.

The roof itself is simple. The pergola’s rafters act as the cross ties, and rafters are tied to them. I like to run with a larger ridge for long-lasting durability.

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