A Mississauga Pavilion Pergola Combo


This combination Pergola and Pavilion house a hot tub and sofa set in Mississauga On.  Shadows cast through trees and cascade over the entire area– kudos to our builders as well as the landscape lighting crew. Thank you for your talented photography, Paul Lapointe.

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A Mississauga Pavilion with Pergola

This Mississauga Pavilion was Built by our local pavilion builders. The design was a collaboration between GardenStructure and Brian Boyd. The night photography was by the client. A combination pergola and pavilion (with roof). The details flow to connect the pavilion to the pergola above the hot tub. A living room with a roof and a roofless hot tub create a gorgeous night time space in the yard.

The light reflecting off the pergola adds a magical quality to the entire area. All landscapes really should have some well-planned landscape lighting to bring it to life. In the daylight, the details are stunning, no longer hidden in the shadows. This is the corner of the pavilion, and the details run throughout seamlessly. What can be better than a pavilion with attached pergola?  You get shade and shelter all in one–and your furniture stays dry!

This structure is a perfectly sized outdoor living room– Who has the beverages?

What is a Pavilion?

A pavilion is a roofed structure that can be built upon a slab or supported by independent footings like sonotubes or helical footings. The structure of a pavilion is much like that of a pole barn. Most people don’t realize that they need lateral support to stay upright. This can be through the use of 2 walls or a bracing of some kind. Posts can be set into the ground to add leverage, but, it should also have a brace of some kind.

What is a Pergola

 A pergola is simply a room without walls, and the roof is open rafters. They can be any shape or size, even circular. These also need bracing for long-term durability.  Add shading lath added to the rafters for more or less shade. Pergolas normally have the posts buried in the ground, however, we normally seal the posts with a long-lasting finish first.

Shade Structure Designs

These are “One of a Kind” shade structure designs for our client. Styles and details for shade structures are limitless. This Shade Structure is just an example of what we can achieve when a customer gives us the artistic license. Whether it is a full shade or only partial, we are the shade structure designers with experience to come up with unique solutions.  Get in touch with our designers today to get started on your shade structures this spring!
Do you need permits to build a Pavilion?
In most areas to build a pavilion larger than a garden shed you will need to get building permits. Every area is different, but locally you can reach the building department here.

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